Thomas Wood

  • Looking for 2020-2021 placement year

  • Studying BSc software engineering at Bournemouth university
  • 84% Distinction in year 1

  • Experienced in team management
  • Excellent maths and planning skills
  • Passion for learning
  • Great social skills
  • Traditional CV




Year 1 - 84% Distinction

Year 1

Principles Of Programming - 81%
Computer Fundamentals - 93.5%
Data And Databases - 94%
Networks And Cyber Security - 76%
Applications Of Programming Principles - 86.1%
Business Systems Analysis And Design - 73.4%



Maths - A*

Computing - B

Product Design - B

Physics (AS) - B

Key Skills

Agile development and team skills


I’m no stranger to teamwork and team leading. At university in just my first year I took part in three team-based assignments, two of which I primarily lead.

The first was called Simulated Business 2 Days (SB2D) which was a two-day event where the group and I interviewed staff from a company that had avoided computers in their job for a long time and needed a new system to keep up with modern day expectations, laws, and regulations. On the second day, we presented our ideas including a full data flow diagram for the business to show we understood how it worked, followed by our improvements to the system. My group obtained 83% in this event where 70% was a first/distinction.

The second event was called Computing in Business Week (CIB) which was a weeklong event where we were given the specification for a new system and told to develop it over the week. The specification was created by Kingfisher, who own several businesses like B&Q and Screwfix. This involved the most team management as the team had a wide variety of skill levels and specialisations, as well as dealing with members being unavailable. The teamwork was following the Scrum methodology, a subset of Agile development. At the end of the week, we presented our working prototype in an exhibition for Kingfisher and the university lecturers. My group obtained 70% for this event.

The third group work was purely programming in Python. We were given a set of automated tests which we had to create code to pass. This involved making many utility classes and objects in order to complete it. This work also marked our professionalism and how our code matched up to the PEP8 standards. My group obtained 85% and 97% for the two tasks that were part of this work.

Problem solving


I am confident in my problem-solving skills in a variety of situations, including solving logistical problems such as developing a new core database, as well as detective work drawing information from CCTV, work databases, witnesses, online sources, and physical evidence.

When I started at Southfield, there were no maps of the site that customers could really use. Customers had to rely on spoken directions to navigate 43 acres of land and around 500 caravans. So, I made a range of new maps that were made to be accurate by building the map on top of a satellite photo, making them very easy to follow. I made several different maps for different areas of the site as well as some high ink use ones for advertising purposes and a few low ink use ones so they could be printed in mass as handouts. The map above is the display map on the wall of the office.

I have also created a selection of small utility programs to help at Southfield, such as one to compare two insurance spreadsheets in excel and find the different rows, and another to calculate how many sticky numbers we would need to re-number our electric boxes for each caravan.

Excellent maths skills


Throughout school and especially A-levels, I have shown my knowledge and understanding of many areas of maths. At A-level, we covered three sections which were Core, Decision, and Mechanics. Core maths included differentiation, integration, trigonometry among other topics. Decision focused on the maths behind algorithms, many of which overlapped with my computing course including searching and sorting algorithms as well as common problems in networking like the traveling salesman problem. Mechanics focused on the maths relating to physics. This included friction, slopes, gravity and similar topics.

I also helped GCSE students with Maths, Computing and Physics work in a voluntary “Homework Club”. This included me and a couple of friends helping up to thirty students per one-hour session with a variety of homework, revision, and catch up work.

Independent learner


In my spare time, I have learnt a large selection of skills. The main one I use the most often and continue to perfect is my Photoshop work. I started during GCSEs simply cutting and sticking different images and now I have used it for making detailed maps and signs for real businesses such as Southfield Farm and other groups. I’m also familiar with video editing and advertising which I first developed when running a YouTube channel with a close friend. We did this for a few years in our spare time and these skills have served me well. I have since made promotional videos and posters for Southfield Farm using these skills. The videos can be found on their Facebook page

During one of my school summers, I worked on an EPQ (extended project qualification) titled “How is virtual reality being used in the car industry?”. This involved a lot of research studying a wide range of sources and getting in contact with relevant businesses such as Renault and Jaguar Land Rover. The final report ranged from VR and its use in CAVE (computer aided virtual environment) systems to how AR was becoming more useful in maintenance and repair sectors.

Creative skills


Since I learnt how to use Photoshop and other software, I have created many creative designs in the forms of maps, online advertising and displays. At Southfield Farm, I was most proud of my maps which I created using satellite photos to make them accurate and usable. Advertising I made for Southfield Farm also included display boards such as the one above and videos such as these.

Social skills


During my time at Southfield Farm Caravan Park, I developed my social skills in a variety of situations including selling brand-new static caravans worth up to £55K, dealing with complaints, and attending corporate events professionally.

The new static caravans that I helped sell are part of a new development where we plan to have 48 caravans. As part of the team we have sold around half of the available caravans so far as of Aug 2019.

I have attended many corporate events while working for Southfield Farm. This involved a lot of customer relations with other businesses, socialising and networking with competing businesses, and negotiating prices with suppliers. The picture above is one of Southfield's suppliers where we meet each year to discuss the stock we want for the following year.

Language Confidence



MS Access




Software I'm experienced with

MS Access


MS Word


MS Excel


MS Powerpoint


MS Outlook


MS Publisher








Packet Tracer






Work Experience

Southfield Farm Caravan Park

My job at Southfield was more varied than I realised a job could ever be. There were generally two sides to the job. The office work including managing payments, emails, advertising etc, and the other being practical work including fixing electric and plumbing problems, towing touring caravans and delivering packages.

In the office, I gained experience with a variety of systems including QuickBooks for our accounting and Microsoft Access for our database. I helped to manage the IT systems within the office and across the park, often involving diagnosing WIFI related problems and user errors by customers. I have also had experience with selling new static caravans worth up to £55K and handling the sale and transfer of these.

Working around the site, I developed a range of interesting skills such as wiring caravan hook-up boxes, general maintenance, towing touring caravans (up to 26ft) on to pitches and finding the owners of lost dogs.

In my time at Southfield, I have made several improvements to the business in order to increase efficiency or improve our image. One of these being digital advertising in the form of displays, videos, and promotional material. I used Photoshop for the image editing and for making display maps of the site. It covers around 43 Acres and there was previously no map except some printed diagrams when the areas were first designed which were not particularly easy to understand. The new maps were clear and much more suited to be handed out to customers. We also had the map printed on a 1m by 1m board which is attached to the wall of the office to help us guide people around the site.

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